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What do the Apple iWatch, GoldenEye and Perfect Dark have in common?

Apple Watch
The countdown has begun

A couple of weeks ago we wished a fond farewell to Gaming Spotlight, the bi-weekly show that served as TechRadar's geeky YouTube conduit for all things gaming.

Cutting the cord was a tough choice, but we think what we've got to replace it is even more special. From this week forth, The TechRadar Show will be bringing you all the best bits from the world of tech every two weeks. Phones, tablets, wearables - we'll be covering all of it and more.

To kick things off in good form, Gareth Beavis à la Phone Show fame and Gaming Spotlight veteran Hugh Langley sit down to chat about why they think 2014 will be the year Apple finally breaks out the legendary (yet elusive) iWatch, what we can expect from it, and when.

On top of all this, we're keeping the spirit of Gaming Spotlight alive as our two presenters debate whether GoldenEye or Perfect Dark was the standout shooter on N64 (or possibly ever?)

Check out the debut of The TechRadar Show below, and be sure to tell us what you think in the comments.

(Oh, and the answer is nothing).