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Samsung's got another wearable device up its sleeve: the S-Circle

Samsung's got another wearable device up its sleeve – the S-Circle
Don't expect anything as elaborate as the Fit though

Apparently not content with its trio of wearable devices at MWC, Samsung has got another fitness band in the pipeline.

Samsung Updates spotted the as-yet unannounced device over on the FCC, where it's described as an "activity tracker" with Bluetooth Low Energy.

There's a good chance that the S-Circle is a follow-up to the S Band fitness wristband that launched with the Samsung Galaxy S4, given that it shares the same family model code.

Witness the fitness

With that in mind we wouldn't expect it to come with the Gear Fit's curved AMOLED. In fact, like the S Band, it might not have a display at all.

Whatever it turns out to be, we expect it'll play nicely with Samsung S-Health app which Samsung launched with the Galaxy S5. Chances are it'll be cheaper too.

Hugh Langley

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