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Samsung Galaxy Glass may turn your hands into a keyboard

If the idea of Google Glass intrigues you but you're not so keen on the whole having-a-conversation-with-your-glasses-in-public part, Samsung may have nailed the solution.

Its answer is to put a keyboard on your hands, according to a patent seemingly tied to the Galaxy Glass project and filed by the company last August.

The idea is to put a camera-based augmented reality keyboard onto your hand that only you as the glasses-wearer will see, letting you type on your fingers. That's on, not with.

You'll still need your thumb to hit the virtual keys, but the keyboard itself will be virtually augmented onto different parts of your fingers.

I feel it in my fingers

In the patent, Samsung expressed that voice controls are too imprecise and dependant on the loudness of the environment.

Whether an AR keyboard could be any more precise remains to be seen. As does whether Samsung even uses this in any form of wearable device at all.

Via Sam Mobile

Hugh Langley

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