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Qualcomm Toq smartwatch announced: wireless charge, next-gen Mirasol display

Qualcomm Toq is a smartwatch with a colour, always-on display
Qualcomm Toq is a smartwatch with a colour, always-on display

If you thought the Samsung Galaxy Gear was enough, try Qualcomm Toq - a smartwatch it has just announced at its own event in San Diego.

Like the Samsung device, it's a second screen for your smartphone, designed as a companion rather than a phone replacement.

In addition to wireless charging, the Toq features a colour Mirasol always-on non-backlit ambient light display, so you can easily see it in daylight. Everything also charges wirelessly.

That colour screen never turns off, and Qualcomm claims you'll still be able to go days between charges.

It also comes with a wireless stereo Bluetooth headset where there are no wires between the buds.

The Toq also enables you to answer calls and receive notifications, while you can also see the weather, your calendar, stocks and - remarkably - the time. You're also able to control music from your wrist, while there is also noise cancellation built in.

The Qualcomm Toq will get a limited release in the US during the fourth quarter of this year, although there's currently no word on price or international launches just yet.


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