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LG W Watch could be the G's fitness-focussed friend

We still don't know an awful lot about the LG G Watch, but it seems LG is already looking ahead to what's next.

A patent filing suggests that another wearable, named the W Watch, is on its way and this one could be more focused on fitness.

There's an explicit reference to heartbeat measurement, as well as "receiving, processing, transmitting and displaying the information of exercise/body fat/BMI."

W is for wearable

It's unclear whether this is will be a successor to the as-yet-unreleased G watch or a separate device to exist alongside it.

But if the G Watch misses these extra health-based functions, it's possible that LG will offer two versions of its wearable: one for those who want a life assistant (Google Now) and one for those who want a personal trainer.

LG's G Watch is set to usher in the era of Android Wear later this year. This week we learned that the smartwatch will have an always-on display, and will also come available in "champagne gold".

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Hugh Langley

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