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Google Glass untethered from tethered data sharing plan requirement

The latest update for Google Glass eliminated the need for an expensive tethered data sharing plan, according to multiple owners of the wearable tech.

That means Explorer Edition early adopters aren't required to enable Bluetooth tethering on their smartphone's data plan for which they incur monthly fees from their carrier.

This is a welcomed relief for the testers of Google's already expensive head-mounted display, which cost them $1,500 (about £945, AU$1610) up front.

The workaround is said to still beam data between the MyGlass Android companion app and Glass hardware when XE9 is loaded onto the headset.

XE9 release notes

The data sharing changes for Google Glass weren't outlined in the XE9 release notes, but plenty of other features were listed.

This includes the use of vignettes, the ability to play videos through search and a Shazam-like "OK, Glass. What is this song?" query called Sound Search.

Without the data sharing workaround in the official XE9 release notes, it's unknown if the final retail version of Google Glass will completely ditch the requirement for the expected release date in 2014.

Via Engadget

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