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Mysterious Android tablet available from Next

The Next 10-inch tablet - a Zenithink in disguise?
The Next 10-inch tablet - a Zenithink in disguise?

UK retail outfit Next is selling an Android tablet on its website for £180.

Dubbed the Next 10-inch Tablet, the Android-toting device is pictured scarily next to a glass of water and on top of a book.

There is also a specs list, which shows that the tablet comes with a 10-inch WXGA LCD touchscreen display, Arm 11 processor, Wi-Fi, 2 x USB ports, microphone and headphone socket, and 8GB storage plus a card reader.

There is no word on which Android OS is being used, but it is definitely running Google's operating system.

It's the Zenithink, we think

The tablet does look like it may be a rebadged version of the Zenithink ZT-180, which is out in the US at the moment and is toting similar specs (although the screen is actually 10.2 inches).

The Zenithink is a budget-friendly tablet, with its website explaining: "These tablets are reliable and have a reputation for the ability to outperform and outlast similar devices of twice to three times their price."

If it is the Zenithink under a different guise, then it will have the ability to play 1080p video and has 256MB RAM inside.

The Next 10" Tablet is available now from Next's online store and costs £180.

Via Eurodroid

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