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TuneCast 3 music sender arrives

The Belkin TuneCast 3 FM transmitter will work with any audio source featuring a 3.5mm headphone socket

Belkin has released a new FM transmitter that can stream audio to your radio from any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack, such as MP3 players, portable CD players, PSPs and DVD players.

The TuneCast 3 is designed for in-car or home use, and has an OLED display to show frequencies. Two pre-set frequencies can be stored in the device, which transmits on FM channels 88.1Mhz - 107.9Mhz. The TuneCast 3 comes with a power cord for battery-free operation, and a mounting clip for in-car use.

The TuneCast 3 will be available in North America in November with a UK release to follow. It will be priced at £39.99.