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Tiny cubic speaker struggles to be heard

A Japanese firm with the bizarre name of Leader Media Techno is selling what has to be the most pointless audio system ever - a tiny speaker for portable players that weighs 16g and outputs just 0.8W.

The Music Cube costs JPY1,280 (£5) and comes in either white or black. Predictably, it is being touted as the ideal way to get those tunes off your iPod to share with friends. We presume most Japanese pals either have super-hearing or don't mind audio that sounds like a swarm of gnats.

As you might expect, the Music Cube simply plugs into the headphone socket on any device that has one. At least it has its own power source in the form of an internal rechargeable battery that can be juiced up by USB. Oh, and the fun doesn't stop there - the maker even includes a strap for dangling the Music Cube from a mobile phone. Lovely.