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PowerBug's simple solution to iPod charging

Simple, elegant solutions to problems are always so much more satisfying than convoluted contraptions that address the issue while creating a dozen more, so it's a pleasure to see Focal Point Japan 's latest iPod accessory; a charger for the second-generation shuffle.

The JPY3,480 (£15) PowerBug is nothing more than a simple wall plug with a USB port at one end and a green LED on the back. Plug in the included cable, stick that into the audio socket on the new shuffle and charging will commence. When done, after about two hours, the light goes out - what could be simpler?

More than just the shuffle

Should you have an older shuffle, a different flavour of iPod or (heaven forbid) a different brand of player, never fear - just stick it directly into the PowerBug's port or use whatever USB connector cable it comes with to get the juicing moving.

The plug can handle voltage from 100V to 240V, so there's no reason not to take it on holiday, however you'll need to pick one up in Japan first, of course.