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NetStreams launches MP3 doorbell

NetStreams' DoorLinX DX100 comes in three different finishes - nickel, brass and bronze

Everyone's favourite '70s fashion accessory - the musical door chime - has been given a 21st century update, thanks to IP entertainment specialist NetStreams .

The DoorLinX DX100 - which ships with a microphone, speaker and doorbell - can be set so it plays a tune of your choosing every time someone pops around for a visit.

Better still, the DoorLinX can be integrated into a whole DigiLinX multi-room entertainment system so you'll always hear the doorbell whether you're in the lounge, bathroom, bedroom or merely chopping up bodies in the basement. The tune the DoorLinX plays must be in MP3 format, and can be up to 0.5-megabytes in size.

As you''re worried about not being able to see who's at the door, then NetStreams has a solution too. A Panasonic IP video camera can also be triggered when the door bell is pushed, enabling you to see whay's happening outside your front door using a TouchLinX control panel, for example.

You can even program the DoorLinX so the door opens automatically after a set time.

Naturally the 'bell also comes in three natty finishes to suit your décor, namely brushed brass, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze.

For more information about the DoorLinX or DigiLinX contact NetStreams' UK distributor Invision .