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IPod nano speaker unit boosts the bass line

The iPod i-Home 2GO speaker unit sets off a nano nicely.

The latest in a never-ending line of iPod accessories from Japan is simple, but unusual, speaker add-on for the iPod nano that features the popular TruBass technology.

Marubeni Infotec is behind the ¥4,980 (£21) i-Home 2GO speaker unit, which can accommodate both versions of the nano at the flick of a switch. The black speaker stands out from the crowd by effectively acting as a dock for the player, enclosing it on three sides.

As evidenced by the official logo emblazoned on the packaging of the 170g unit, it contains an SRS TruBass circuit for boosting low notes. Power is supplied via three AA batteries, so the iPod isn't drained, although the speaker sadly can't charge up the player, which would have just about clinched the deal.