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Onkyo iPod dock stereo emphasises quality

The Aero keeps the emphasis firmly on the audio, not the iPod

Although it sometimes seems there are more iPod docking systems than stars in the night sky, it's rare to come across one as good looking as the Aero Sound System from Onkyo Japan .

Available in two different models, the hefty 4.3kg Aero is a high-end system with a focus not on gadgets, flashing lights and ringing bells, but on the quality of the audio output.

Regular or super?

The white, ¥43,000 (£178) Z10 version is labelled as the 'base' model. While the black, ¥50,000 (£207) Z20 is the 'deluxe' box, with a slightly larger cabinet for better amplification. Both output the same 10W across two channels.

Aside from the audiophile appeal, both systems include a CD player, a composite video output for video iPods, a remote control and the ability to charge the player when it is docked. All full-size iPods from 4G on are supported, as are the nano and mini.