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First pics of 3G iPod nano posted

The leaked picture, if proven accurate, shows that the new Apple iPod nano range will have more muted colours than the current selection, showed here

The rumours about the third-generation Apple iPod nano started a few days back, and now an Apple fan website claims to have the first leaked picture of the forthcoming device.

If the picture published on turns out to be accurate, it confirms that Apple will indeed add five more colours to the Apple iPod nano range. It also looks like the screen will be beefed up, which would make the Apple iPod nano a bit thicker than it currently is.

The rumoured Apple iPod nano would have the same mini click wheel as before but with added tapered sides, just like the fifth-generation Apple iPod.

Other than video playback, there has been no information about new features for the flash-based device. We don't know when the new Apple iPod nano will be released, although odds are on that it will be at Apple Expo in Paris next month.

You can also speculate whether the reason that the Apple iPod nano looks set to become more like the Apple iPod is that a completely revamped version of the latter is on the way...