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Get high-end iPod speakers from Eclipse

A high-end, high-quality desktop speaker system for iPods, MP3 players, computers and other small hi-fi set-ups has been launched by speaker specialist Eclipse.

The Eclipse TD307PAII system is a small and stylish desktop speaker set-up that's based on the design of Eclipse's £4,000 TD712z near-field monitor loudspeaker. The high-end Eclipse TD307PAII system comprises two egg-shaped speakers plus a matching amplifier and costs £400.

A home cinema version of the kit, the Eclipse TD307II Theatre, has five speakers and a subwoofer and sells for £1,300. Individual speakers cost £130 each.

The high-grade Eclipse TD307PAII system is an improved version of Eclipse's original 307-series design. A number of audiophile enhancements have been made to the speakers, while the amplifier has been upgraded. Phono inputs have been added to the amp and large speaker terminals included.

The Eclipse TD307PAII system is on sale from September from the Apple online store and other specialist retailers. It's available in white, black or silver.