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Motorola teases 'future of tablets' video

Motorola's new logo - it's, like, red
Motorola's new logo - it's, like, red

We know to expect a slew of new Android-powered tablets at CES in Las Vegas next month, with Motorola being the latest manufacturer to tease its plans for developing slate computers.

Motorola has issued a 'Tablet Evolution' video prior to next month's consumer tech show that calls the iPad a 'giant iPhone' – reiterating what many Apple naysayers have been saying since the iPad launched earlier this year.

Motorola versus the world

Not content with rubbishing one of its competitors, Motorola then turns its gaze on Samsung, branding the recently-launched Samsung Galaxy Tab as running Android 'for a phone'.

While not stating directly what OS the new Motorola tablet will run, the fact that the teaser video contains a bee buzzing around over the new red Motorola logo strongly suggests that we will be seeing a slate running the new Android 3.0 'Honeycomb' at CES next month.

But, of course, we'll have to wait until we get the official unveil at the Motorola press conference in Las Vegas in January.

We will be there covering all the major product launches and announcements, so be sure to check in every day of the show for all the latest CES news the first week back to reality in January 2011.

Via Engadget