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Google Glass eyes the animal kingdom

Google Glass
Google Glass goes wild! Kind of...

At TechRadar, we are all in awe of Google Glass and want to get our grubby hands all over it.

Much to our dismay, it looks like the animals at Australia's Taronga Zoo have been able to get much closer to it than we have, as Taronga's zoo keepers have been given the chance to try out the new wearable tech.

They've rather annoyingly put up a YouTube video of their experience with it so far, giving us unique, up-close view of the koalas, giraffes and other animals.

They note in their video that Google Glass allows the keepers to record the animals while being able to use both their hands. They are then be able to pass on the recorded video to other keepers to gather information about each animal.

So now we have another reason to be jealous of zoo keepers. You can check it out for yourself below.

Via: Ausdroid

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