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Google Fit plans to give Apple's HealthKit a run for its money

Android Wear
Google wants to be your healthy option

Google is planning to go up against Apple's HealthKit with a fitness service of its own, which has been outed under the name of Google Fit.

That's according to sources speaking to Forbes, who believe the service will be announced at Google I/O which takes place on June 25 and 26.

Google is said to be building a cloud service that will collect health data from a vast roster of wearable devices, tracking things like heart rate, steps taken, and blood glucose.

Fit as a fiddle

Google had an unsuccessful trip down this road with its now-deceased Google Health platform, which concerned users by taking a lot of personal data and not providing much useful information in return.

And Apple's not the only competition right now. Last month Samsung revealed its Sami health platform along with a prototype data-collecting wristband called Simband.

At present it's uncertain whether Google will build Fit into the next version of Android, of whether the service will be a standalone app. Only a few days until we find out.

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Hugh Langley

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