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Fashion maven takes a stab at making Google Glass chic

Google Glass already hit the catwalk and got a bold Titanium makeover, and now it's getting even more fashionable.

American fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg has created a new collection for Google Glass that Google hopes will make the headset "chic" cool, the company announced on Google+.

The DVF Google Glass collection will include five new frames and eight new shades for the smart eyewear.

They'll go on sale beginning June 23 on and online luxury retailer Net-A-Porter, at which point the Google Glass Titanium collection will also go on sale on online men's retailer Mr. Porter.

Turn to the left / turn to the right

Recall that DVF was the brand that used Google Glass in its runway show way back in 2012 - although it didn't look nearly as fashionable back then.

Google wrote that "these new designs build on the style choices we gave Explorers when we launched the Titanium Collection in January."

The company even quoted "Diane" herself (apparently they're on a first-name basis) saying that "technology is your best accessory."

Seems like a stretch coming from a fashion designer, but who are we to argue?