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BlackBerry PlayBook – devs asked to submit apps

BlackBerry PlayBook gets some dev support
BlackBerry PlayBook gets some dev support

RIM has announced that it is actively seeking developers to submit apps for its forthcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

The PlayBook is set to be one of the most powerful tablets released to date and BlackBerry wants app developers to capitalise on this, asking for those using Adobe AIR, Flash and HTML to get involved.

Groundbreaking performance

"Interest and momentum behind the BlackBerry PlayBook continues to build and we are thrilled with the positive response from both the developer community and our customers," said Tyler Lessard, VP Global Alliances & Developer Relations at RIM.

"With its groundbreaking performance and robust support for industry standard development tools, the BlackBerry PlayBook provides an exceptional platform that appeals to a wide range of mobile app developers.

"We are very pleased to be working with developers in advance of the product launch and the opening of BlackBerry App World to accept BlackBerry PlayBook apps is an important next step."

If a registered dev submits an app and it is successful, then they will receive a PlayBook prior to launch.

RIM is offering up a host of information with regards to developing an app for the PlayBook.

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