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Apple just released a new iPod touch - in case you still care about iPods


Apple has just updated its lineup of iPods, bringing some hardware improvements to the iPod touch, and some new colours to the entire range.

The new touch gets a camera upgrade from 5MP to 8MP, putting in line with the iPhone 6, as well as a new image processing chip. Burst mode is supported at 10fps, as is slow-motion video capture.

Aside from trying to replace your camera, the new iPod touch gets a flashy new 64-bit A8 chip that will ensure it's ready for future iOS updates as well as more intensive games.

Old school

Thirdly, Apple is empowering the new iPods with fitness and elevation tracking thanks to the introduction of the M8 motion co-processor.

The new 16GB model arrives at $199 (£159), the 32GB version at $259 (£199) and the 64GB version at $299 (£249). There's a new 128GB model too, priced at $399 (£329). All will be available in space gray, silver, gold, pink, red, and blue.

But the iPod touch isn't the only model getting an update; the iPod Shuffle and Nano will now come in gold, space grey, silver, blue, pink and red, though neither are getting any hardware updates.

Hugh Langley

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