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Latest virtual reality headset tech unveiled

Virtual reality a reality again
Virtual reality a reality again

Remember virtual reality headsets back in the 1990s? And how they suggested the promise of a glorious 3D entertainment future? Well, it seems that they still might do.

That's according to Australian VR headset developers over at VR Solutions

VR Simulation trade show

Michael Bosworth, Managing Director at VR Solutions recently attended the VR simulation trade show, I/ITSEC 2010 in Orlando to see what they had on offer.

Bosworth informs TechRadar that one of his suppliers - Virginia-based NVIS virtual reality display manufacturers - showing their latest tech at this month's VR event – were showing the way forward for virtual reality tech.

"As a supplier to partners working for the Australian army and various training facilities across Asia, we are always looking to work closely with innovative manufacturers such as NVIS who are able to tailor or deliver products for their intended purpose," the VR tech expert said.

Mark Foglia, President, NVIS Inc noted that, for their part, they have "enjoyed working with VR Solutions since 2002 and we're very excited to see them again at I/ITSEC 2010 and introduce them to our new products."

Might we see virtual reality make something of a comeback in the consumer technology sphere in 2011? We certainly hope so…