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Facebook photo viewer goes full-screen

Facebook photo viewer goes full-screen
Full-screen photos come to Facebook

Facebook has announced some big improvements to its photo-viewing experience, allowing for full-screen images displayed at a much higher resolution.

The social network will showcase images at the highest possible resolution, which it claims to be up to four times larger than before - maxing out at 2048 x 2048.

Full-screen mode can be accessed by clicking an expand icon in the top right corner of the image, but that update only appears to be for Chrome and Firefox users.

Ready to take on Flickr?

Facebook has been allowing hi-def photo uploads for a couple of years now, but is now actively encouraging members to showcase their imagery at the best resolution possible.

The move is sure to increase the strain on Facebook's servers as users upload better quality snaps.

You won't see us complaining though. The improvements are starting to roll-out today.

Via: The Verge