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Sony: Expect more 3D Cybershot cameras

Sony's 3D Cybershot
Sony's 3D Cybershot

Sony expects to be bringing out even more 3D enabled digital cameras, with the company telling TechRadar that the technology is here to stay.

Speaking at a Sony event, a spokesperson told TechRadar that the company's latest Cybershot additions are only the first to give people the option of taking 3D photos.

"I think 3D is not going to go away as a technology so certainly Cybershot will want to be there to leverage any kind of interest from the consumer side," said the spokeperson.


Sony's dedication to 3D is clear, with the company aiming to provide end-to-end support and products for the technology.

That includes 3D films from Sony pictures and 3D support in the likes of Bravia televisions, the PlayStation 3 console and through the camera range.

"We're really trying to create a complete solution for the consumer and get them to able to enjoy 3D technology," added the spokesperson.

The announcement of the 3D ready WX5 and TX9 Cybershot cameras was only made yesterday – with both offering the 3D Sweep Panorama feature.

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