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Sony A77 and A65 'delayed by flood'

Sony A77
The release of Sony's new SLTs has been delayed by floods in Thailand

Sources at Sony suggest that the reason for the shipping delay of the A77 and A65 cameras is a flood emergency in Thailand, where the cameras are manufactured.

Tokyo-based Sony spokesman Yasuhiro Okada said that the company's digital camera and lens factory in Thailand hasn't suffered major damage from the floods, but the transport system is out, and most of the workers can't reach the factory. has removed the pre-order option for the cameras from its website, Sony UK says the cameras are temporary unavailable and Sony Germany and Sony France say that shipment will start in mid-November.

Worst flood in 50 years

The A77 is the company's long-awaited successor to the A700, featuring a 24.3Mp sensor, 12fps continuous shooting, 19 autofocus points, and Full HD video. The A65 features the same 24.3Mp sensor, 10fps continuous shooting, 15 autofocus points, and Full HD video.

The A77 and A65 SLTs were unveiled by Sony in August, and were scheduled for release in October.

The flood in Thailand is the nation's worst for more than half a century, and has affected 8.2 million people in the country since 25 July.

Via Sony Alpha Rumors