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Shutterfly set to buy Kodak Gallery online service for $23.8m

Kodak's streamlining included halting its camera production

Kodak is set to sell its Kodak Gallery online photo-sharing and printing service to rival Shutterfly.

After Kodak filed for bankruptcy protection and announced that it would no longer be making cameras, this is the latest development in the company's streamlining process.

Kodak has said that it will be focusing its consumer business on commercial and home printing products.

Like Kodak Gallery, Californian company Shutterfly offers users online photo storage and sharing, as well as a variety of printing options.

Kodak Gallery users in the US and Canada will have their accounts and images transferred to Shutterfly, though they will be free to opt out if desired.

Shutterfly could get sniped

Kodak is looking to seal the deal this spring, though until then other companies could still outbid Shutterfly.

In other efforts to raise funds, Kodak has been sifting through its portfolio of digital imaging patents – of which there are over 1,100 in the US.

In the ever-escalating game of suing ping-pong, Kodak is already suing Fujifilm for infringing one of its patents, and Kodak itself could soon be sued by Apple.

Via PC World