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Ricoh launches CMOS compact CX1

The Ricoh CX1
The Ricoh CX1

Camera manufacturer Ricoh has officially announced the launch of its latest compact offering, the CX1.

Unlike most compacts, Ricoh has packed as much imaging technology it can into its camera's slim build – most importantly the CX1 makes use of a CMOS sensor.

Usually seen in DSLR and prosumer cameras, the sensor means that the camera may only be toting a humble 9MP, but the quality of the images will be outstanding.

The compact also benefits with having the Smooth Imagine Engine IV inside.

Faster shots

Other features on the camera include a Fast Shot mode, which allows up to 120 shots a second.

Dynamic Range Double Shot Mode is where two images are taken at different exposures to enhance dynamic range (up to 12 stops).

And there's a Multi-Target Auto Focus option, where you take seven images of the same thing, all with different focus points. You can then transpose these images in Photoshop and have a picture where EVERYTHING is in focus. Nice.

Superb white balance

For those who love to tweak images manually, the camera's white balance options are surprisingly extensive.

With something called Multi-Target Auto Focus, you can white balance certain areas of an image, not just the whole image.

The CX1 will be available for £299.99 from 13 March, in either black or silver.

Marc Chacksfield

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