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Ricoh drops the Pentax brand from company name - but keeps it for DSLRs

Pentax Q7 colours
The Pentax brand name will live on in Ricoh's DSLRs and CSCs

It has been announced that Ricoh, which bought out Pentax from its previous owners in 2011, is dropping the brand's moniker from the company name. It will now be known only as Ricoh Imaging Company, effective from 1st August.

In line with an announcement last year, the Pentax brand will continue to be used for the company's DSLR and CSC outputs, including the recently announced Pentax K500 and the Pentax Q7.


The Ricoh brand will be used for the merged company's compact camera output, such as the Ricoh GR, an APS-C format camera, which was announced earlier this year.

Ricoh bought Pentax from its previous owner, Hoya, in a deal worth a rumoured $125million.