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Lastolite announces new Strobo kit

The new Strobo Kit from Lastolite

Lastolite has announced the launch of its new creative light-modifying kit for flashguns called the Strobo.

The Strobo is available in two versions: one that fits directly onto a flashgun, and one that fits onto the hotshoe plate using an included Ezybox Hotshoe Plate.

Two honeycomb grids are included in the kit – a 1/4 and a 3/8 – along with a diffuser palette, a neutral density filter, various steel patterned masks, and a range of coloured gels to neutralise colour temperature or to add colour effects.

The attachments can be used with the Strobo individually or in combination by layering them on top of each other using the built-in magnetic connectors. Optional barn doors are also available for both kits.

The Strobo Kit is available now for £100. For further information visit the Lastolite website.