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Kodak hit by patent lawsuit loss but will appeal again

Kodak hit by patent lawsuit loss but will appeal again
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Kodak has been rocked by another patent appeal loss in its case against Apple and RIM.

The International Trade Commission (ITC) in the US has upheld a ruling at neither Apple nor RIM violated Kodak's patents relating to digital image preview technology, the so-called '218 patent.

The struggling camera company had hoped to raise money as it goes through bankruptcy but will not see the $1 billion (around £650 million) in royalties that it was hoping for from the court case.

It's not over 'til it's over though, as Kodak plans to appeal the ruling again.

Kodak come back

It released a statement saying, "The validity of the '218 patent has been upheld in previous litigation at the ITC and was affirmed by the US Patent and Trade Office in the face of two separate challenges.

"We are confident that its validity will be upheld."

The camera maker has decided to stop making digital cameras after filing for bankruptcy protection back in January 2012.

As part of the process, the company is looking to sell off its digital imaging patents – and the court ruling will be a blow to the value that buyers will see in some of these technologies.

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