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Eye-Fi wireless camera card hits UK soon

Eye-Fi card
UK snappers will soon have a simpler road home

Next Monday should be a red-letter day for camera geeks in the UK, as 19 October is set to be the date the much-lauded Eye-Fi wireless memory card hits the country.

Eye-Fi Inc says all three models of its award-winning add-on for digital cameras will be available on launch day through the usual channels.

RAW photos too

Prices go from £50 for the Home Video model, through £70 for the Share Video, up to a hefty £120 for the Pro. Each price jump adds capabilities, with the Pro being the only one capable of handling RAW photos, hence the name.

Each Eye-Fi card has 4GB of memory and the ability to upload photos and video by Wi-Fi to a net-connected PC.

Geotag it on YouTube

The Share Video and Pro models add links to Facebook, Flickr and YouTube, among others, while the Pro also comes with lifetime access to a geotagging service.