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Camera gun seeks Kickstarter funds

Kill Shot
The 'Kill Shot' camera would be housed inside a replica rifle

American brothers Randy and Michael Gregg have developed a replica hunting rifle that takes photos instead of firing bullets.

Designed after the duo went out hunting and found a cute deer they couldn't bear to kill, they lined up the beast in the crosshairs of their rifle and snapped an image through the scope with a mobile phone.

Now, they're on the look out for investors to make the prototype a retail reality.

The device would work in a similar way to a rifle, however pulling the trigger would release the shutter of an inbuilt digital camera, stamping it with a time and date. The camera is also capable of zooming and recording video.


Images are saved to a memory card which, naturally, is housed in the same location as the ammunition magazine on a real rifle. A USB port would also be included.

The brothers believe that several groups of people would be interested in the tech, including "kill free" hunters and those training to be, er, real hunters.

At the moment, the brothers are using a Kickstarter page to try and raise the funds they require to put the camera into development.

They're looking for $15,500, with pledges of $150 or more guaranteeing you a "Kill Shot" if the product ever does get made.

Via GizMag