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eBay film pirate let off with fine

An eBay user has been caught selling pirated DVDs

An eBay UK user who sold thousands of pounds worth of pirated DVDs on the auction site has been let off with a fine.

Peter Spencer has been ordered to hand over £55,000 - solely the amount the court decided Spencer owed from all of his illegitimate sales.

The fine stands in stark contrast to the the seven year stretch received by a US movie pirate. He was prosecuted for recording films in US cinemas using his camcorder and then distributing the results.

The Spencer case was brought to court by FACT - the Federation Against Copyright Theft. The body protects film and broadcasting copyright in the UK. He had been previously convicted of piracy.

Kieron Sharp, Director General of FACT said "This is another important milestone and it demonstrates the effectiveness of the Proceeds Of Crime Act."