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Control up to 50 cameras with the GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac remote

GoPro Hero 2 with Wi-Fi Remote
GoPro Hero 2 with Wi-Fi Remote

GoPro has released one of its longest awaited accessories – the Wi-Fi Combo Kit.

YouTube is littered with extreme videos shot on GoPro HD Hero2 camcorders, but you may not be familiar with its BacPac system which allows accessories to piggyback the camera.

GoPro has already released a Battery BacPac and LCD BacPac for adding an extra battery and an LCD display respectively, but this new addition broadens the horizons of the little camera.

Extremely remote

With the Wi-Fi remote, users can control up to 50 cameras at a time, within a 180m range. All those cameras would have to be fitted with a Wi-Fi BacPac, though.

The wearable, waterproof remote has its own small LCD display and allows full camera control including power, mode and settings.

A planned update promises to allow control via smartphone and tablet app, using the Wi-Fi BacPac to watch the footage on your device and even live stream it to the internet.

For a look at what you could do if you were a pro skater with hundreds of GoPro cameras and a full production team, check out Ryan Sheckler's demo video below: