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Top 5 phones with the best battery life

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Ever since we traded phones with buttons for tiny touchscreen computers 10 years ago, we've complained about smartphone battery life. 

TechRadar's battery test

What is it? We play a 90 minute HD video with a phone at 100% battery, with screen brightness at max and accounts syncing over Wi-Fi in the background.

What are the results? We measure how much battery is lost during the 90 minutes, and give the result as a percentage.

We've gained great cameras, apps, and mobile games that look better than some console titles, but we've also inherited the need to charge our phones every day. And we're still not happy about it.

TechRadar reviews just about every major phone that makes it to shelves in the Middle East. We know about the phones that will keep partying 'til 3am, and those that might pass out before you finish work if you dare to listen to a podcast or do some gaming on your lunch break.

You might wonder how some of these phones are doing well with smaller batteries. That's because it's not about the size of the power pack, but how well optimised it is. Here are the top phones of the moment we've tested for battery life.

The battery king: Huawei Mate 10 Pro

TechRadar battery test result: lost 9%

Battery: 4,000mAh

Excellent design
Great enthusiast camera
Class-leading battery
No headphone jack

As well as being a fantastic phone all-round, the Mate 10 Pro has the best battery result we've seen from any flagship of the last year. It lost just 9% of its battery from a 90-minute video played at full screen brightness.

It's the only top-tier phone from the big names that we've found to realistically last two days. You still won't get that sort of stamina if you're a heavy user, but perhaps Elon Musk can tackle that once he's reinvented public transport.

The phone has a 4000mAh battery, so it's no surprise the Mate 10 Pro lasts as long as it does.

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Surprising second: BlackBerry Motion

TechRadar battery test result: lost 10%

Battery: 4,000mAh

Water resistance
Programmable key
So much battery
Unreliable camera

The BlackBerry Motion is a fairly conventional Android phone with a chunky 4000mAh battery that loses just 10% of its charge after playing our 90 minute video. This is the kind of phone you can hammer and still be sure it'll have some charge left at bed time.

Going from a phone with average battery life to this is a revelation.

Other neat elements of the Motion include a customization function button on the side and a design inspired by classic BlackBerry phones. However, we aren't in love with absolutely every element of the phone, with uninspiring core hardware (aside from the battery) and a so-so camera being the main complaints.

However, if a phone on which you can truly rely on is the main concern, jump right in.

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iPhone X

TechRadar battery test result: lost 11%

Battery: 2,716mAh

Great screen
Premium, strong design
TrueDepth camera is powerful
Most expensive flagship around

A phone that costs this much had better be special in every respect. And thankfully, it is.

Its battery is far better than the iPhone 8 Plus's, as well as many Android phones, according to our battery test. It lost just 11% charge after playing a 90 minute video with the screen brightness maxed. 

And that's with just 2716mAh to its name, capacity lower than that of all flagship Androids. Part of this comes down to Apple's famous software efficiency. However, Samsung also deserves some of the credit here too. It makes the Super AMOLED display panel of the iPhone X, and it's very easy on the juice. 

Of course, if you must make animoji videos all day long, your iPhone isn't going to last forever between charges.

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Samsung Galaxy S8

TechRadar battery test result: lost 11%

Battery: 3,000mAh

Big screen, acceptable phone size
Top notch camera
Slick software and performance
Flawed fingerprint sensor

You might expect the top-end Galaxy Note 8 to last longer than the Samsung Galaxy S8. But it doesn't.

This more conventional phone actually has a great battery with a slightly smaller screen. It's a 3,000mAh unit, slightly smaller than that of our old favorite the Galaxy S7 Edge. You can expect it to last a solid day without thinking too much about when your phone will switch off.

It lost 11% in our 90 minute video benchmark test. Battery recharging from flat also takes just 1 hour 11 minutes, using Samsung's Adaptive Fast Charger.

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LG V30+

TechRadar battery test result: lost 13%

Battery: 3,300mAh

Streamlined design
Bursting with features
Good camera improvements
No Oreo out-of-the-box
Display viewing angles shift

The LG V30+ can be thought of as a half-year update to the LG G6.  It has a newer processor and a slightly larger screen, but because this  is a V-series phone rather than a G-series one, LG didn’t need to try  to blow the doors off the phone's design with this model.

That said, it is pretty costly for an LG phone these days, so you'll need to want to use all the power hidden inside if you choose this model.

Its fairly conventional-sounding 3,300mAh battery did very well in our video run-down battery test. The LG V30+ lost 13%, where some phones with mediocre stamina might lose more than 25%, making this a solid all-day mobile.

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Abbas Jaffar Ali
Managing Editor - Middle East

Abbas has been living and breathing tech before phones became smart or clouds started storing data. It all started when he got his very first computer- the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. From computers to mobile phones and watches, Abbas is always interested in tech that is smarter and smaller because he believes that tech shouldn’t be something that gets added to your life- it should be a part of your life.