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Skype update adds video sharing

Skype has added video sharing to its VoIP service in the latest release of its application, Skype 3.5 for Windows.

Skype 3.5 for Windows allows users to download videos from two video sharing sites that Skype has partenered with, Dailymotion and Metacafe . The videos can be added to the user's Skype "mood" online profile. The latest version of Skype softyware also enables users to include video content in online Skype chats.

"People thrive on sharing stuff with one another. User-generated and licensed video content are incredibly popular," commented Carter Adamson, general manager, desktop products for Skype. "Working with Dailymotion and Metacafe means everyone can try out downloading their favourite clip and putting it in their online profile."

The Skype 3.5 for Windows update also lets users transfer incoming calls to another person or group of people on Skype, while Skype Pro subscribers can transfer calls to a landline or mobile phone. Auto redial has been added too, so Skype calls are redialed automatically every two minutes if a call isn't being answered.