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Powermat goes on sale in UK

Powermat - cable tidy
Powermat - cable tidy

You've no doubt seen the ad campaign, and probably thought the whole idea looked cool, but now you can finally get your hands on a Powermat wireless charger, with units going on sale in the UK.

John Lewis, The Carphone Warehouse and Amazon are all set to offer the Powermat range, which includes the Home & Office and Powermat Portable.

The charger allows you to do away with cables, and comes with the receivers you need to connect with your device to allow it to charge.


"Tangled wires, multiple adaptors and ugly brick chargers have become an unfortunate side-affect [sic] of the digital age," explains George McGhee, Managing Director of Powermat Europe.

"But Powermat brings this to an end with an easy-to-use, convenient and simple system that de-clutters your home or office in style.

"Our technology transforms the task of charging your favourite devices from being a pain-in-the neck into a positive, hi-tech experience. And it doesn't stop here. The technology is able to scale up to address higher power applications and is flexible enough to be embedded into both existing and future device designs.

"There is a whole lot more to come from Powermat in the near future."

It's certainly a nice idea, and it's timed well for the Christmas present market.

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