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BE Broadband trialling landlines

Landlines - like mobile phones, but with a wire
Landlines - like mobile phones, but with a wire

BE Broadband has opened trials of a new landline service, believing its users could 'save a little money' if they switch from BT.

BE Broadband is looking at three different levels of service, including a Basic version for those who just need a line for their broadband and don't make many call, and Evening and weekends package and an Anytime package.

"The launch of BE Landline is a response to the demand of our member community explains Tom Williams, Head of BE Broadband.


"It means that they'll be able to benefit from the great service from BE for both their broadband and landline.

"There's also the convenience of a single monthly bill and our members should be able to save a little bit of money compared to what they currently pay for a BT line."

The 70 people chosen for the trial – both current members and those on other ISPs – will get a half price BE Landline package for a year.

And we though landlines were dead…

Patrick Goss

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