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Wolfram Alpha app arrives for iPhone

Wolfram Alpha - computer says input not recognised
Wolfram Alpha - computer says input not recognised

Wolfram Alpha made an enormous splash when it first hit the internet as an alternative search engine, and now the 'computational engine' has arrived as an iPhone app.

After releasing an API last week, apps always looked on the cards, and so it has proved, with a mobile version allowing you to get actual facts.

Bear in mind, however, that 'Alphaing' on the go is not a cheap affair – with the App setting you back £29.99.


So why would you fork out thirty quid for a combination between google and a scientific calculator?

Simple, because it brings a whole shed load of functionality that, for the mathematically minded, you probably really, really want.

"The breakthrough technology of Wolfram Alpha for the first time lets you get expert-level answers to your specific free-form questions, complete with stunning dynamically generated visualisations and tables, and richer and deeper information that you imagined possible," says the blurb on the app.

Via Mashable

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