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Windows Phone Tango renamed 7.5 Refresh?

Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh new name for Tango?
Bore-off 7.5 Refresh

Reports suggest that Microsoft is planning to rename its Windows Phone Tango OS update as Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh.

Tango does away with a number of Windows Phone features so that phones need only house 256MB of RAM – which puts the operating system firmly in the budget handset market, with the aim of producing low-cost smartphones.

According to, Microsoft's Windows Phone Business Group Lead in Italy Stefania Duico said the Tango update will be officially known as Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh.

7.5 Refresh. Really?

Windows Phone Mango is Microsoft's mid and high-end smartphone OS and sports the version number 7.5, which is where confusion may start to creep in.

Although Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh is only a minor update to the operating system and certainly does not warrant being called version 8 (which looks to be Windows Phone Apollo), the use of "Refresh" may lead to some thinking the update brings new features to high-end phones, instead of focussing on the budget market.

We'd have preferred it if Microsoft had stuck with the Tango name, as Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh sounds rather bland and unexciting.

Have you got any better naming suggestions we could pitch to Microsoft? Let us know in the comment box below.

From WindowsPhoneItaly via PhoneScoop

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