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Windows Phone 7 heads to developer preview

Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 7 is creeping towards a final release

Microsoft has announced it has moved Windows Phone 7 to 'technical phase' - meaning it's being sent out to thousands of developers.

The devs will be getting their hands on devices running Microsoft's latest mobile operating system to assess it and get app development underway ahead of the commercial release.

On its Windows Phone blog, Microsoft has confirmed it will be sending off phones from Asus, LG and Samsung (although oddly not HTC) to developers in the coming days.

Extensive tests

According to the post, the software has undergone 'extensive' internal testing for several months, with users living with only a Windows Phone 7 handset for that period.

We'll be getting an in-depth hands on with the new software shortly, so stay tuned to see if Windows Phone 7 has been improved since we first saw it back at MWC in February.

Via Windows Phone Blog

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