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USB 'interface of choice' for mobiles

Wi-Fi may be present in more phones, such as this Nokia N800, but USB is preferred for data transfer

USB was the most popular interface for phone handsets in 2006, according to research by iSuppli .

The findings show that the simple interface will still be ahead of more advanced solutions such as Wi-Fi, Ultrawideband (UWB) and Bluetooth by the end of 2010. It will be shipped on a staggering 764 million handsets that year, the study predicts.

"All the excitement and hype in the marketplace has been about Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integration in mobile handsets," says Frank Dickson, principal analyst with iSuppli. "However, as consumers endeavour to move content on and off of their mobile handsets, the local interface selection of choice clearly will be USB."

However, Dickson says Bluetooth is "gaining ground fast." He predicts that by 2010 Bluetooth and USB will be available on nearly every handset, but that Wi-Fi and short range radio technologies will have gained significantly in terms of market share.

iSuppli also predicts big things for add-in flash cards for mobiles. The company forecasts that 640 million cards will shift by 2010, up from 186 million units in 2005.


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