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WhatsApp now lets you draw on photos, just like Snapchat

WhatsApp now lets you draw on your photos, just like Snapchat

WhatsApp is rolling out new features that change how you share photos on the messaging service. Think of it as giving your inner artist a chance to spruce up photos, Snapchat style.

With a tap of a button, the latest version of WhatsApp now allows finger-made drawings as well as emojis to be superimposed on photos taken from your phone's camera or picture folder.

Additionally, the update adds front-facing flash so selfie-senders get their good side even in poor lighting, as well as the ability to zoom and switch between front and back cameras while recording videos in-app.

The features are practically muscle memory already for those familiar with Snapchat and other camera-heavy apps, but these are still welcome in WhatsApp and its billion-plus users who may not care to switch through multiple (possibly non-encrypted) apps just to draw a smiley face on their latest picture.

WhatsApp's new camera features are out today for Android phones, while iPhone owners will have to hold tight just a tad longer for the update to go live on iOS.

Parker Wilhelm
Parker Wilhelm is a freelance writer for TechRadar. He likes to tinker in Photoshop and talk people's ears off about Persona 4.