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Video: TechRadar's verdict on the HTC One (M8)

Video review: HTC One (M8)
An close-up look at HTC's latest little wonder

Questionable naming choices aside, the HTC One (M8) marks the gold standard in smartphone technology.

Once again, HTC has managed to raise the bar in mobile design, putting its rivals to shame by proving that Apple's not the only company capable of churning out devices that impress from the moment you pick them up.

Of course, it's not all about looks, and thankfully HTC has nailed the technical side of things, bringing together in a neatly-tied, aluminium-sealed package against which all other phones in 2014 will be judged.

In short: The HTC One (M8) is genuinely one of the best smartphones we've ever had the pleasure of using. Check out our in-depth video review to find out why.