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Trio of colourful cases claim to belong to the budget iPhone

Are we looking at the budget iPhone?
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The budget iPhone (or perhaps not-so-budget) is expected to touch down alongside the

iPhone 5S

later this year, and a trio of colourful cases have just surfaced that could be the biggest indicator of what the cheaper handset will look like.

While there's no evidence to support that these are the real deal, the green one does look very similar to another alleged budget iPhone shell we glimpsed last week.

The similarities don't stop there either, as both the new and previous leaked pictures show an identical layout on the inside part of the casing, which also doubles up as proof that these aren't simply a bunch of accessory cases.

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Fake plastic iPhone case?

If all indicators so far are to be believed, the cheap iPhone will be the first to sport a plastic shell since the 3GS.

The picture's came from China are were picked up by French site Nowhereelse, and are apparently of different dimensions to the upcoming iPhone 5S, suggesting they're very much their own thing.

So either someone's fake plastic mockup is getting a lot of exposure, or this is in fact what we'll be getting our hands on in a few months.

Via Pocketnow

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