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The man behind Android may start his own phone company


Android co-founder Andy Rubin is developing a new Android smartphone, according to a new report.

While nothing has yet been confirmed, "people in the mobile industry" say Rubin has been recruiting people to help build a new phone company, according to The Information.

It's unclear if Rubin will head the new venture, but it's suggested in the report that the company will likely be financed through Playground Fund, Rubin's startup incubator.

Another Android phone

Rubin co-founded Android before it became one of the main focuses of Google, then left the Android division in early 2013, before leaving Google altogether late last year.

He founded the Playground Fund incubator earlier this year, which, along with financing, provides resources and mentorship to tech startups making hardware devices.

With this in mind, it wouldn't be too surprising to see Rubin jump back into the mobile business, especially to build hardware to run software he knows so well.

Still, a new Android smartphone company would be entering a market full of established competitors as well as other newcomers (such as OnePlus), while also having to take on Apple and Microsoft handsets.