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T3 AppVent Calendar offers up free Android apps

T3 AppVent Calendar
T3 AppVent Calendar – part of the same publishing company as TechRadar – has come up with something special this festive season, the AppVent Calendar.

The AppVent Calendar is a daily dose of Android apps that you can gets for absolutely nothing.

These aren't free apps you find on the Android store but ones you usually have to pay cold, hard cash for.

The AppVent Calendar, sister site to the ever-growing App Chart, will run for the 25 days of Advent.


25 of the best and most exciting Android developers have joined us to give away a taste of Android love for the festive period. An amazing 800+ apps, valued at more than £3,000 will be given away for nothing, gratis, free.

Each day you'll all be able to enter a Twitter draw to win the day's app – just follow T3, then hit the button. Re-tweet as many times as you like – winners will be drawn at random at the end of each day…

Additionally, T3's friends at Three have provided three brand new HTC Desire HD Android phones. These are hidden within the calendar, and a separate draw will choose the lucky winner on these days…

Simply 'like' T3 on Facebook/T3dotcom, or follow #t3appvent on Twitter/t3dotcom to take part.