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T-Mobile in multiplayer cash poker deal

T-Mobile users can play mobile poker for real money

T-Mobile phone users can from today play multi-player poker for real cash on their handsets. The move comes following a deal with Cecure Gaming , developer of mobile gambling games including the brand's World Poker Tour, Poker Millions and Aces Royal.

The T-Mobile branded poker game will be available to download free from its t-zones mobile internet portal under the heading Cash Games, or users can get a link sent to them by texting POKER to 49014.

The Cecure poker titles provide users with cross-network multiplayer games, with time lags between player decisions and refreshes on-screen of less than 2 seconds. Players have to be age-verified before playing via a series of credit and database checks, and the operator runs a daily, weekly and monthly spending limit for the game.

Cecure currently operates a similar network-branded real money multiplayer poker game with Vodafone .

Commenting on the launch, Neil Holroyd, UK games and gambling manager for T-Mobile, said: "By working with Cecure Gaming we are confident that all necessary measures are taken to provide a secure environment for users to have fun and enjoy playing poker on their mobile phone."