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SwiftKey is headed for your iPhone thanks to iOS 8

SwiftKey is headed for your iPhone thanks to iOS 8
SwiftKey delivers speedy, accurate typing, but Apple's new keyboard might too.

Among the many announcements made at WWDC, Apple dropped in the fact that with iOS 8 it will be supporting third-party keyboards.

So we could be seeing any number of Android keyboards reborn on iOS and one of the biggest names, SwiftKey, is already busy making the jump.

The keyboard known for its impressive next-word prediction and autocorrect skills is already being adapted to work on iOS according to a blog post on the company's site. There's no word yet on when it will launch but with any luck it will land more or less at the same time as iOS 8, which is expected in September alongside a new iPhone.

Smart showdown

Of course Apple's also improving its own keyboard for iOS 8 and finally bringing in next-word suggestions. The company has even gone so far as to describe it as "the smartest keyboard ever", so SwiftKey might not have as easy a time of things as it would have done against earlier versions of Apple's keyboard.

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