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Sony just teased an Xperia announcement for August 3

Sony Xperia

Sony Xperia has taken to Twitter to tease us with something it is calling "a new way to capture split-second photos."

But is it a new handset or just a new camera feature? The tweet doesn't reveal much else, but does give us an August 3 date for the reveal.

We're not inclined to believe that Sony would be announcing a new handset, as it announced plans to release the Xperia Z4v and Xperia Z3+ just a couple of months back.

And while there are rumblings of an Xperia Z5 in our future, we don't really expect the next flagship to make an appearance any time soon.

It seems more likely that it could all just be a new software feature for the camera app in Sony's current Xperia line-up.

But hey, the tweet is a true tease, and we might be completely off the mark. We'll have to wait a handful more days to find out what Sony really has in store for us.